Dennis and Hannah Cole


Pastor Dennis and Hannah Cole came to Thanksgiving Church in 2014 and serve as the current leaders of Burning Tree Ministry. Dennis loves American food, video games, theology, playing music, and his family. Hannah thinks Dennis is the best husband in the whole world. They have two wonderful children, Judah and Eden, who occasionally drive them nuts.




Joseph Hwang


Joseph Hwang is currently working in Irvine in the riveting field of taxation. When he is not crunching numbers, he is exploring the OC with his wife, Grace. As an ISTP, he reluctantly subscribes to the Myers-Briggs test. He loves to eat, sleep, and have jam sessions on his saxophone. 



Grace Hwang

Women's Ministry

Grace is currently a middle school English teacher in Santa Ana. She has an abnormal obsession with Myers Briggs; being an ENFJ herself. She enjoys spending her time reading various kinds of books and having long DGTs at coffee shops. She is passionate about God and loves seeing women embracing and living out their identities in Christ.




Jason Lee

House Church Director

Jason Lee is currently a customer service employee while preparing for Physicians Assistant programs. When he is not working nor studying, he is eating exorbitant amounts of Mexican food, drinking coffee, watching a good fight, or reading books. Also, hip hop is great.





Andrew Kim

House of Prayer Coordinator

Andrew Kim is currently working in Santa Fe Springs as a product developer and team sales management for a bicycle company. When he is not yelling at his sales team to sell more bikes or innovating the world's top-notch bicycle products, he is playing basketball with the elderly, running in the rain to go to Pho House, and watching every Marvel movie that comes out. He claims to be an introvert but deep down inside, he is an extrovert. Go Lakers. #Playoffs.

-Drewmamba out


Kevin Lee

Homeless Outreach / SErvice team Director

Kevin is the Homeless Outreach leader and overlooks all of BTM's service teams. He is currently pursuing Law Enforcement. He loves football, basketball, coffee and exploring new cafes, outdoors, hiking, and camping.