In the Whisper

In your presence I feel all the chaos cease

In your love I see the precious clouds of love falling

As you breathe, you lift me up off my weary feet

The worries start to fade in the gray, fully clothed in Your love

How wonderful! How wonderful is Your Majesty!

O you take me, running into the peace of Your fields

Full of life, full of love, full of mercy; it’s merely who You are

A broken and desperate man, I am

A merciful and kind God, you are

Even when the circumstances forge into fire and flames,

Your love is a constant and consuming sea

Entrenched, I’ve sunk into Your presence

It’s where I find my unyielding hope in You, O Lord

Hope that you meet me and transform the hurting soul

What love can be restored, just by the smallest move of Your hand!

Just that it’s all found, in the whisper you give.