Friendship with the Holy Spirit

Although being recognized as one of the three members of the trinity, the Holy Spirit is so often recognized as an “it” and not as a “he”. His divine qualities and uniqueness as a person are often overshadowed by his gifts and the things that he offers, and relationship with him can become dry and impersonal. Yet, He is the Spirit of Christ who longs to know and be known by believers, a guide and counselor, and our advocate and comforter.


Perhaps part of the reason that he is treated as less than a person and more of an object is because our understanding of him is so strongly correlated to sensationalism. He is sensed, he is felt, and it’s assumed that the feelings are his presence. However, the Bible seems to show that many of these feelings are simply a fruit of him (Galatians 5:22), a byproduct of abiding in him. The reality is he is as much a person as anyone else, just as personable and relational. In fact, he is closer and more intimate than anyone else, because he lives with you and in you (John 14:17). This is not to say that the feelings are unimportant - in any relationship, it’s true that they matter and have value. However, we are not seeking a feeling, but we are seeking a person.


There can be a false perception about the nature of our relationship with the Holy Spirit. That this relationship is only for “super holy”, or that some mystical environment is necessary to be with him. The blood of Jesus covering the heart of the believer is the only environment necessary for cultivating a relationship with the Holy Spirit. We are his temple, and the blood of Jesus has been sprinkled in us (1 Corinthians 6:19). Anyone who believes in Jesus is qualified, and beyond that, is called to this relationship with the Spirit. How does one cultivate this friendship? As simply as with any other relationship: you give time and attention. It means nothing if he is present with us, but no attention is given to him. It will be as if sitting with a stranger with earphones plugged in, focused on other things, yet expecting relationship to grow. He will do things to grab our attention, such as make impressions upon the heart and mind, but it’s vital to the relationship to be intentional in speaking, listening, questioning, asking, knowing. We ask because we’re curious, and we’re curious because we’re interested. He is the Spirit of Christ (Romans 8:9), and longs to befriend us as he reveals the Father’s will to us (John 15:15). The Spirit of God will bear witness to our spirits about what the Father desires, because He is interceding on our behalf (Romans 8:26-28). When we do not know how to go or where to go, He guides us and lead us, because He is the Counselor. He will convict us of sin and righteousness, because he is the Spirit of Truth (John 14:17, John 16:8). When we are struggling or weary, he is our Comforter and shares in our afflictions. In every area of life, the Holy Spirit is a friend that we can go to and share with. He will share with us the words of Jesus (John 16:15), the words that we need to hear more than anything else. And best of all, He is with us all the time. Anywhere and everywhere, he is there with us and in us, and desiring relationship with us. He knows our weaknesses, and helps us to overcome (Romans 8:2,26).


The Holy Spirit is a person, and he longs to be in relationship with us. In every sense (and more) that we are with others, He is with us. He will eat with us, drink with us, cry with us, laugh with us, work with us, go with us, and stay with us. Him being with us is never a question - his presence is a promise. The question is are we with Him? Will we eat with him, drink with him, cry with him, laugh with him, work with him, go with him, and stay with him? Take the time today to be with him, because he is always with you.