The company started in 2007, with a group of college friends who came back from one fateful summer mission and shared a singular vision to help people in Uganda find jobs. Initially, they used their obscure talent to teach 10 ladies to crochet snowboarding beanies. Now, Known Supply/Krochet Kids intl. has established fully functioning fair-trade manufacturing factories in three different countries, providing jobs to more than 200 women (and more if you consider all those that have come and gone through the graduation program). I joined in the Fall of 2014.

During the early stages of establishing this company, there was a point where it seemed as though the company had run its course. However, through the passion and dedication of the staff to overcome these trials in sacrifice and prayer, God started to open doors that were previously unattainable. Investment from new business partners and free advertisement spaces were being offered that helped lock in funding to keep operations open. These types of connections and favor still continue to come even today. Just a few weeks ago, I connected with an old colleague working for an ad company that loved our mission and offered to help with ad costs if we needed.

It’s no secret that it takes more than just good intention to make an impact in the world. It takes the minds, talents, and hands of so many people to create something strong and functional. I am constantly interacting with buyers at Nordstrom, REI, Wholefoods, to our partners in advertising, creative design, and so many others that are investing their own business and money so we can continue to serve our brothers and sisters across the globe. I see how God uses people in all fields from investors to business owners to consumers to expand His love and Kingdom. Economic freedom is something we strongly believe can curb the atrocities and hardships that fall on lower economic countries (violence, abuse, trafficking, just to name a few).  Money, if stewarded wisely, can aid in breaking chains and opening opportunities for others.

The more Kingdom-minded individuals we have in all fields, the more we will begin to see our sphere of influence grow. It may be small; it may just be our immediate co-workers we can impact now, but the more we grow collectively towards God’s mission, the more we can inspire others to join a larger narrative and extend God’s love and grace to all.

Michelle Kim currently works for a social good apparel company called Known Supply / Krochet Kids intl. as a Sales Operations Manager. The company is a for-profit benefit corporation wit the goal to change the conversation about how people view clothes and their purchases, striving for more transparency within the company’s supply chain as well as playing its part in eradicating extreme global poverty. Michelle oversees the daily operations of the corporation’s sales as well as managing creative marketing tools (making all the catalogs, pitch decks, visual aids, etc).