A New Women's Movement

“I’m desperate. I begin to feel I have no personality. I’m a server of food and a putter-on of pants and a bedmaker, somebody who can be called on when you want something. But who am I?” –Betty Friedan, author of The Feminine Mystique, a book credited in sparking the second wave of the Women's Liberation movement of the 60's.

In the earth, there is a stirring of a new movement of women arising. Women are hungry for words of empowerment, they desire to be valued, and they want to advocate for justice. However, the way the world perceives things and the way God perceives things are quite different. Where God moves, the enemy seeks to pervert and raise up false movements to thwart the ways of God.


As women, we were given an innate spirit of compassion. We grieve over injustice. However, a largely silent war rages on against the most innocent. Millions of babies have been exterminated in the name of “Women's rights.” For those of us uncomfortable or unsure about abortion, I ask we prayerfully consider it, asking God for His heart and His eyes. It grieves me that less than 1% of abortions are motivated by rape, but ~98% is due to personal choice according to the Guttmacher Institute. The womb was meant to create life, yet the enemy seeks to bring death.  An army of petitioners must gather, laying prostrate before the high court of heaven, crying out for God to deal with the sin of our nation and to restore the protective and sacrificial call of motherhood. As a mother I've run into many situations where I felt physically, emotionally, and spiritually inadequate, but I’ve chosen not to abandon my call to mother my children even when it’s difficult.  Our children are with us for but a season. Will we regret all we gave? Would we regret them being born? I pray the answer is no. The call to mother is a noble call which the Lord is redeeming. In the midst of unwanted children, God is raising up spiritual and physical mothers.


Women also desire affirmation--many carry wounds of abandonment, neglect, under-appreciation, and rejection. God the Father cares! The One perfect in love says that as a mother cannot forget a baby at her breast, so shall He not forget us (Isa. 49). He cares deeply about the hearts of his daughters. Hurt, angry, disillusioned women, looking for empowerment and validation, are sensitive to others who have been hurt, and take up causes that join themselves to a spirit of offense.

This is not how God works, though. The savior of the world was led “like a lamb to slaughter” according to Isaiah 53; Jesus was meek and served us first. Our weapons are not worldly  (2 Cor. 10),  but mighty in God, to knock down the strongholds of human reasoning and destroy false arguments. Where we have felt dishonored, we will give honor. Where we have been mistreated, we will forgive. Where we desire recognition and achievement, we will put others first and trust God to exalt us. Humility is freedom. No other person-- no other monetary or prestige based accomplishment--can fulfill our need for perfect love. It requires a humble recognition that there is only One being who is perfect. God is restoring our perception of who he is, and therefore his ways, as perfectly good.  I believe God will promote women into positions of influence; however, our real glory comes from glorifying Him.


God is indeed raising up a company of women in the earth at this time. These women have embraced and chosen to go through the refining fire of God, letting go of their own rights and ideas to embrace His. They will stand with boldness to see His ways established in the Earth. Shame and insecurity have been dealt with by the fire of His love. They have chosen to stand in battle when others have fallen or turned in fear, yet still from their mouths they choose to worship. From the bellies and through the mouths of these women will flow rivers of life, a song of Holy Justice--the source of its purity which will scatter confusion and break down worldly lies of identity and empowerment. They labor in prayer for God’s order to be established as righteousness, a powerful rod striking the groundwork of a perversion movement set against God’s purity and righteousness. They are not intimidated or afraid of accusation, for their hearts are soft and tender towards the love of their Father, and He has protected them from every arrow. They have met with and know Him in the secret place and heard Him tell them over and over that they are loved as rejection melted away. They have heard that they are wanted. They are not preoccupied with what looks impressive to others, for they are confident in what God has given them to do. These women have chosen to trust Him with their wounds and put their hope for redemption in Him, for God will avenge all that has attempted to destroy their purity. They have been given a new name written on the palm of His hand (Isa. 49). They are not for themselves but their battle cry is for the One True King and they have given their lives for it.